City Commercial Cleaning is your go to company for any of your commercial cleaning needs and much more. We have been providing only the best service to hundreds of businesses in and around London for many years and we have happy customers to prove it. All of the services we provide are tailored to meet individual client’s specific needs. A commercial cleaning service must combine expertise with versatility to be able to meet the needs of each customer. That is why our team members receive specialised training to maintain and to improve their knowledge of the trade in order to provide only the best service to you. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with innovative technology, superior quality and value. After all, we want you to be happy so we can continue to fulfil all of your commercial needs in London!

What we can do for you?

Here at City Commercial Cleaning we pride ourselves in providing quality work at an affordable price without compromising quality. So whether you have offices, restaurants, shops, you are a landlord or anything in between, our expert cleaning teams will help you maintain that space in a professional manner with highest efficiency and skill. We will visit your premises to introduce ourselves and to understand exactly what it is that you are looking for when hiring a cleaning contractor. No matter which commercial cleaning service you need, City Commercial Cleaning is there for you. Ready to help your space to stay clean and functional, our professional teams are there for you to handle ordinary tasks with extraordinary service. Rest assured that your needs will be met and the specialists from City Commercial Cleaning will always exceed your expectations.


Years of experience combined with exceptional customer service


Responsible and well trained specialists for every appointment


Fully insured experts ready to suit your needs

Some of our services:

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